Portrait of our Holstein mare “Fleur V”

Holsteiner // Line: 242 // born: 2013 // height: 1,68 m
Catoki – Caretino – Contender

in foal by
“EMERALD VAN HET RUYTERSHOF BWP” (Diamant de Semilly SF – Carthago – Lys de Darmen SF)
expected for 01.03.2024

2013 “Fleur V” (Catoki – Caretino – Contender, height 1,68 m) was born at the Krohn stable. After a successful repurchase from France, she has been a broodmare for us since 2019. She got 3 foals and is expecting a foal by “Emerald van het Ruytershof BWP” (Diamant de Semilly SF – Carthago – Lys de Darmen SF), due date 01.03.2024.

The mother “Ulla XVIII” (Caretino – Contender – Landgraf I) is a descendant from the successful Holsteiner performance line 242. The district premium mare was born in 2004. Breeder was Cora Ackermann-Ripke, Steinfeld. From 2010 “Ulla XVIII” has been used as a broodmare in our stable. She died in 2021. “Ulla XVIII” gave birth to 8 foals, several of which were district premium mares such as:

  • Fleur V” (by Catoki, born 2013)
    Working as a broodmare for our stable
  • “Ilana” (by Lord Fauntleroy, born 2016)
    Working as a broodmare in our stable

The grandmother “Loggia I” (Contender – Landgraf I – Ahorn Z) gave birth to 5 foals, two of which were district premium mares:

  • Ulla XVIII” (by Caretino, born 2004)
  • “Zypria I” (by For Pleasure, born 2007)

as well the internationally successful sport horse in show jumping competitions up to 145 cm:

  • “Primiera” (mare by Lancer II, born 2001)

The great-grandmother “Farina XIV” (Landgraf I – Ahorn Z – Ronald) gave birth to 9 foals.
Licensed stallions:

  • “Castellini” (by Contender, born 1995)
  • “Comet” (by Caretino, born 1998)

District premium mares:

  • Loggia I” (by Contender, born 1996)
  • “Vulcana” (by Qua Vados, born 2005)
    Successful as a sport horse in jumping competitions up to 145 cm

The mares “Nirza” and “Ulana” belong to the direct mother line. This state premium mare “Nirza” (Ronald – Anblick XX – Loretto) gave birth to the licensed stallion “Alcatraz” (by Aloube Z) in 1985. The mare “Ulana” (Anblick XX – Loretto – First) gave birth to 3 licensed stallions, including the unforgettable “Joost” (by Consul, born 1968). “Joost” was licensed 1970 in Holstein under the name “Conus” and sold to the Dutch stud farm Roelofs, Dem Ham. Here he was intensively used for breeding and belonged to the top group of jumper sires in the Netherlands. From 1975 to 1978, “Joost” was internationally successful in jumping competitions up to 150 cm under Frankes Sloothaak.

The father of “Fleur V” is the world famous stallion “Catoki” (Cambridge – Silvester – Cor de la Bryere). Click here to learn more about “Catoki”.

We are very proud to be able to count “Fleur V” to our stock.

Pedigree of the Holstein mare “Fleur V”

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