Portrait of our Holstein mare “Karla”

We would like to present to you our Holstein broodmare “Karla” in more detail.

2017 “Karla” (Cascadello I – Cascavelle – Lincoln) was born at the Krohn stable and has been used as a broodmare ever since. She got 2 foals and is expecting a foal by “Clarimo” (Clearway – Caletto II – Mahmud).

Her mother “Patrizia IV” (Cascavelle – Lincoln – Urioso) belongs to the successful Holstein line 4232. She was born in 2000. Breeder was Johann Jürgens, Marne. From 2006 to 2020 she was used as a broodmare in our stable. “Patrizia IV” gave birth to 10 foals,such as:

  • “Crosby” (from Cristo, born 2007)
    successful in international jumping competitions up to 140 cm
  • “Chicca” (by Cassus, born 2009)
    successful in international jumping competitions up to 140 cm

The grandmother “Adele” (Lincoln – Urioso – Lohengrin) was born in 1986. Breeder was Karl Heinrich Holm, Hochwörden. “Adele” gave birth to 13 foals. Particularly important are:

  • Coupe de Coeur” (by Calido I, born 1997)
    Approved stallion
    Fifth place at the European Championships, three times German Champion, 125 placings in World Cups, Nations Cups and Grand Prix, including 16 victories
  • Russel” (by Corofino I, born 1995)
    Approved stallion
    successful in international jumping classes up to 160 cm
    participation at the Olympic Games under Nike Skelton
  • California” (by Corofino I, born 1994)
    successful in international jumping competitions up to 160 cm

The father of “Karla” is the Casall son “Cascadello I” (Casall – Clearway – I Love You). Click here to learn more about “Cascadello I“.

We are proud to be able to count “Karla” to our stock and look forward to continued successful breeding.

Pedigree of the Holstein mare “Karla”


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