Portrait of our Holstein mare “Bea II”

Holsteiner // Line: 1571 // born: 2009 // Height: 1,70 m
Diamant de Semilly – Calypso I -Freeman

in foal by
“BALOU DU REVENTON”  (Cornet Obolensky – Continue – Domino)
expected for 23.02.2024

Bea II” (Diamant de Semilly – Calypso I – Freeman, height 1,70 m) was born in 2009 at the Krohn stable. From that time on she was used as a broodmare. We got 9 foals from her, particularly important is:

• “Quiamant” by Quidam de Revel, born 2013
– Successful participation in the European Championships in Olivia, 2022
– Victorious in jumping classes up to 140 cm

Bea II” is expecting a foal by “Balou du Reventon” (Cornet Obolensky – Continue – Domino), due date 23.02.2024.

The mother “E-Calluna” (Calypso I – Freeman – Farnese) comes from the well-known Holstein line 1571. The state premium mare was born in 1990. Breeder was Susanne Carstens, Oelixdorf. From 1997 “E-Calluna” has been used as a broodmare for the Krohn stable. “E-Calluna” gave birth to 10 foals, several of which were district premium mares such as:

• Broodmare “Unoria” by Cassini I, born 2004
– Working as a broodmare for our stable until 2021
• Broodmare “Bea II” by Diamant de Semilly, born 2009

Numerous international sport horses have emerged from the Holstein line 1571, such as:

• “Brighton” (Tiffany Foster)
• “AB 19 Chianti” (Christian Hess)
• “Caruso” (Barbora Vojtkova/ Ales Opatrny)
• “Camall” (Andreas Ripke)
• “Kelly” (Manuel Marx)

The Holstein line 1571 also brought several licensed stallions, such as:

• “Fantus”
• “Lorraine”
• “Leicester”
• “The Rock”
• “Chavaros II”

Furthermore the Holstein line 1571 produced the important eventing horse “River of Joy” (Michael Jung).

The father of “Bea II” is the world-famous stallion “Diamant de Semilly” (Le Tot de Semilly – Elf III – Amarpour XX). Click here to get more informations about “Diamant de Semilly“.

We are very proud to be able to count “Bea II” from such a successful mare line to our stock.

Pedigree of the Holstein mare “Bea II”

“Quiamant” by Quidam de Revel out of “Bea II”, born 2013

Premium filly “Ruby SKH” by “Balou du Reventon” out of “Bea II”, born 2023

Premium filly “Palina SKH” by “Cornet Obolensky” out of “Bea II”, born 2022

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