Portrait of our Holstein mare “Gracia II”

Holsteiner // Line: 2067 // born: 2014 // height: 1,67 m
Mylord Carthago – For Pleasure – Acobat II

in foal by
CRACK” (Cornet Obolensky BWP – Candillo – Aloube Z HAN)
exptected for 10.05.2024

Gracia II“ (Mylord Carthago – For Pleasure – Acobat II, height 1,67 m) was born in 2014. Breeder is Joachim Schiedel, Grande. After successful acquisition in 2020, she has been used as a broodmare by us from that time. We got two foals from her. “Gracia II” is expecting a foal in 2024 by “Crack” (Cornet Obolensky BWP – Candillo – Aloube Z HAN).

Gracia II” belongs to the Holsteiner performance line 2067. This line has its origins in Dithmarschen, but is now represented worldwide.

The Holsteiner line 2067 produces more than 60 licensed stallions, many of them had international successes in show jumping competitions over 160 cm, such as:
– “HH Conrad”/ “Conrad de Hus”/ “Contodo” (Con Air – Locato – Sacramento Song XX)
– “Landstreicher” (Landgraf I – Capitol I – Sacramento Song XX)
– “Canterbury” (Caletto I – Lord – Toledo)
– “Con Spirito R” (Contender – Caletto I – Capitol I)

Furthermore, numerous international show jumpers over 160 cm have emerged from the Holsteiner performance line 2067, such as:
– “Cattani” (Corrado I – Silvester – Capitol I)
– “Cazaro” (Chambertin – Athlet Z – Thuswin XX)
– “Gondoso” (Gonzales – Landmeister – Fontan)
– “Caprys 2” (Catoki – Cor de la Bryere – Capitol I)
– “Lordon” (Lord – Landmeister – Goldschmied)
– “Claim Collin” (Corrado I – Capitol I – Sacramento Song XX)

The father of „Gracia II“ is the world sire „Mylord Carthago“ (Carthago – Jalisco B – Fury de la Cense). Click here to get more informations about “Mylord Carthago”.

We are very proud to be able to count “Gracia II” to our stock.

Pedigree of the Holstein mare “Gracia II”

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