Portrait of the licensed Holstein champion stallion “Corroniolo SKH / Corassini”

Today we would like to present you our newly licensed Holstein champion stallion Corroniolo SKH / Corassini(Corniolo x Cassini I x Cantus) in more detail.

Corroniolo SKH/ Corassini was born on February 12th, 2021 at the Krohn stable.

Right from the start, this promising stallion impressed with his type, so that at his first competition at the “Holstein foal registration of the Dithmarschen breeding district on July 28th, 2021” he qualified for the local foal championship and was immediately awarded the title of vice champion.

We sold Corroniolo SKH/Corassini as a foal into the professional hands of Tjark Witt, Friedrichskoog, and were therefore always informed about his further development.

At his biggest competition to date at the “Holstein Young Stallion Licensing in Elmshorn of the year 2023“, Corroniolo SKH/ Corassini was able to shine once again and reward himself with the title of “Champion Stallion 2023“. The licensing committee was literally enchanted by this stallion right from the start not only because of his floating movement sequences in the triangular path, but also because of his great reflexes, overview and ability at the jump. Corroniolo SKH/ Corassini is a stallion in an ultra-modern look, with a sensational side image.

About the pedigree:

The mother of our champion stallion Corroniolo SKH/Corassini is the unforgettable Rosella IV (Cassini I x Cantus x Landgraf I). “Rosella IV” was born in 2001. Breeder was Jürgen Hattebuhr, Burgwedel. After successful acquisition in 2016, she gave us four more foals, such as:

  • Qui-Rousso“ (Gelding by Quidam de Revel, born 2006)
    Successful in jumping competitions up to 145 cm
  • Fieke“ (Mare by Diamant de Semilly, born 2013)
    Broodmare at our stable with district premium
  • Isella SKH“ (Mare by Casall, born 2016)
    Broodmare at our stable with district premium
  • Corroniolo SKH/ Corassini“ (Stallion by Corniolo, born 2021)
    Champion Stallion of the “Holstein Young Stallion Licensing in Elmshorn, 2023”

Unfortunately Rosella IV died after a short illness in the beginning of 2022.

The grandmother “Inka XIX” (Cantus x Landgraf I x Capitol I) from „Corroniolo SKH/Corassinicomes from the successful Holstein line 104A. In 1998 “Inka XIX” got a colt by Cassini I. 2005 this stallion was licensed in Westphalia and Holstein and registered under the name “Cassus”. “Cassus” began his international jumping career under Christian Ahlmann, who was successful with him at the World Cup tournament in Mechelen, among any others. Offspring such as:

  • “Chuck 27” under Janne Friederike Meyer-Zimmermann and Hilary Mc Nerney (USA)
  • “Crumley” under John Whitaker (GBR)
  • “Coreall” under Manuel Fernandez (ESP)
  • “Casta Lee” under Tim-Uwe Hoffmann
  • “Casis” under Michael Duffy (IRL)
  • “Cortado” under Nadia Abdul Aziz Zaryam (UAE)
  • “Casanova” Royal under Mohamed Talaat (EGY)

are only a small selection of horses that are successful in jumping competitions up to 160 cm. The gray stallion “Cassus” leaves two licensed sons. “Cassus” died in 2018.
In 2002 “Inka XIX” gave birth to the gray horse “Conterno 6” (by Contender), who was also successful with Christian Ahlmann in jumping competitions up to 160 cm.

Horses from line 104A consistently show that they are one of the best in Holstein. The line, which springs from the miracle mare “Retina“, became world famous with her and the unforgettable Fritz Thiedemann.
In addition to a large number of Grand Prix horses such as the unforgettable successful “Corradina 2” (by Corrado I x Sandro x Fier de Lui) under Carsten-Otto Nagel, this line already produced many stallions such as:

  • “Contendro I and II” (by Contender)
  • “Capitano” (by Corporal)
  • “Caretano” (by Caretino)
  • “Celano” (by Capitol)
  • “Leuthen I and II” (by Landgraf)
  • “Landego” (by Landgraf)
  • “Corland” (by Cor de la Bryere)

and now also

The father of “ Corroniolo SKH/Corassini” is the Holstein premium stallion “Corniolo” (Cornet Obolensky x Quadros 3 x Cash and Carry). Click here to learn more about “Corniolo“.

We are very proud to be the breeder of this exceptional “Holstein Champion Stallion 2023” and would like to thank the veterinary practice Dr. Toralf Didik, Meldorf, and Tjark Witt and family, Friedrichskoog. Now we wish the new owner and of course Corroniolo SKH/Corassini all the best for the future.

Pedigree of the licensed Holstein champion stallion “Corroniolo SKH / Corassini”


“Corroniolo SKH / Corassini” at the Holstein Young Stallion Licensing in Elmshorn 2023


“Corroniolo SKH / Corassini” at the Holstein foal registration of the Dithmarschen breeding district on July 28th, 2021


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