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New birth alarms with artificial intelligence (HORSE PROTECTOR)

We would like to inform you that we have been using a new birth monitoring system called “HORSE PROTECTOR” from the company “ACARIS“, since the foaling season 2022.

The advantage of this surveillance system differs from conventional video systems in particular due to the integrated artificial intelligence (AI): The AI analyzes the live stream in real time and thus “always” keeps an eye on the horse.

The special thing about this is that the artificial intelligence analyzes the entire behavior of the mare. This innovative approach enables a very precise distinction between normal sleep patterns and the onset of labor. In addition, the system works WITHOUT any sensors on the mare. This has two key advantages: movement is not impaired, and sensors cannot fall off or slip.

After an intensive test phase of almost 30 births, the system now supports us with all foal births. Due to the positive experiences we have decided to equip all our foaling boxes with this system.

In this context, we would like to thank Ms. Nadine Kassner (Sales department) for the professional support.

We look forward to further joint development.

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