The foaling season 2022 has begun!

Finally the most interesting time of the year for us breeders has begun – the foaling season 2022!

For us – the Krohn stable – it´s important to guarantee the pregnant broodmares stress-free movement with the greatest possible safety, especially in the last few weeks before foaling. In a small and a large exercise hall, with joint-gentle mudflats, we guaranteed a dry run, even by bad weather.

For foaling, the broodmares are housed in very spacious and video-monitored foaling boxes with 24-hour birth announcement.

We look forward to the offspring and would like to present you a small selection of the expected foals in 2022:
by Casall (Caretino – Lavall I – Raimond)
from „Fieke“ by Diamant de Semilly – Cassini I – Cantus, Line 104A

by Clarimo (Clearway – Caletto II – Mahmud)
from „Cora IV“ by Diamant de Semilly – Acord II – Rasputin, Line 6928
from „Ikkara“ by Cornet Obolensky – Calato – Concerto II, Line 628B

by Conthargos (Converter- Carthago Z-Latus)
from „Ida V“ by Connor – Cassito – Cassini I, Line 504
from „Karla“ by Cascadello I – Cascavelle – Lincoln, Line 4232

by Conthalou (Conthargos-Balou du Rouet- Chacco-Blue by Chambertin)
from „Vicktoria“ by Cassini I-Acord II-Rasputin, Line 6928
from „Carlotta III“ by Quintero-Capitol I-Landjunker II, Line 1446

by Cornet Obolensky (Clinton – Heartbreaker – Randel Z)
from „Bea II“ by Diamant de Semilly – Calypso I – Freeman, Line 1571
from „Viola EGE“ by Caretino – Cascavelle – Sir Dancer, Line 18A2
from „Evita EGE“ by Quatros – Clearway – Landgraf I, Line 2666

by Cape Town (Cornet Obolensky-Polydor-Northerm Sound)
from „Daila“ by Contendro I – Cristo – Cassini I, Line 628B

by Crack (Cornet Obolensky BWP – Candillo – Aloube Z HAN)
from „Zoe XIII“ by Casall – Corrado I – Fra Diavolo, Line 1986

by Diamant de Semilly (Le Tot de Semilly SF – Elf III SF – Amarpour)
from „Wolke XVII“ by Calato – Concerto II – Joost, Line 628B

We wish all breeders the best of luck for the foal year 2022!
Stay healthy!

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